diving diva

I LOVE DIVING. [insert flashing heart here]

[insert big fat smiley with tongue hanging out and two more tacky hearts]

thomas dyker

my brother has a wet suit and other diving stuff but i’ve never tried it before, until today when he, robin and i went for a swim. the water was extremely cold, 20-something, but the wet suit is a MIRACLE! i felt like a seal with it! with the weights on i was 10kg heavier and the actual suit made me 3cm thicker everywhere. it was like having an extra layer of fat. i felt warm and cozy.

two birds

robin took a nice photo of two terns while i was preparing to dive.

baby-tärna they were on guard for their baby tern.

tärna 3
hence the rapid welcome.

tärnaclose, but close friends?

tärna 2i got the message and backed off.

thomas dykeri entered the sea as a seal. lovely feeling.
unpopular diver still highly unpopular though. but my appearance as a seal cooled them down. i even hauled myself up on the cliff close to the baby tern. i’m a seal i’m a seal 🙂

thomas divingand i can DIVE! i started diving from the cliff shore, along the bottom, and this is where i got up. hard to tell how deep i went, the angle was about 45° but i did not reach the bottom. later, kimmen told me the depth is about 15 meters. i might not make it in the future either, during the last meter i got a funny sound in my head as i tried to level out the pressure. then again, 15 meters should be doable.

getting up from the waterin any case, i love diving.

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  1. sottunga säger du. jag är kanske på väg till kökar nästa veckoslut, men jag trodde du skulle vara där?

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