three wishes for chandler development

  1. go mobile, in one way or another. connecting to the hub on a mobile device is close, but not cigar. look out for iphone. can the ical app on iphone interact with chandler, ie syncing with the chandler hub? or perhaps a third party application for iphone? it’s difficult though, considering that there already is ical.
  2. learn from claris organizer (which became ical). features such as contacts, ability to attach contacts/appointments into an existing appointment, including the ability to search for associating contacts for a particular appointment. kudos to benjamin wilreker for his innovative contact management in chandler to date.
  3. learn from the calendar in nokia s60: it’s fantastic to have your upcoming appointments and tasks (with alarms) in your pocket, immediately at your sight and editable when you grab your phone.

or is it already too late to pull it all together? not having contributed to the project, i feel uneasy critisizing, but i hope chandler will reach beta status within 2008. at the moment it still hasn’t found its niche, nor is it usable enough.