Asus eee 701 4G

it’s “only” a matter of time now…

until the linux-powered asus eee 701 arrives at my doorstep!

asus eee

i’m one of 16 finnish people buying it from, a german shop that claims it will receive its first shipments of the eee in december update: january 10th is the “confirmerd” date. i had been looking out for the eee for quite some time already, and when preorders were accepted in german online-shops, a guy named lauri100 at a finnish forummuropaketti” got a good deal with (since we’re 16 people ordering).

stores in finland are a bit slower, but preorders are accepted at verkkokauppa and datavirta. tietokonekauppa and multitronic had a preorder-page available, but not any longer. wonder why? in any case, it seems it will take much longer for the stores in finland to get them in stock.

nokia – new shit in same package.

so i was reading slashdot today, about nokia opposing the ogg format and deeming it “proprietary”. one of the comments nailed my feelings about nokia:

the Nokia of five years ago is probably not the Nokia of today. Where old Nokia was trying to deliver devices to let you do whatever you wanted to do, new Nokia is trying to become a media company and that means is almost certainly joining the dark side.

nokia certainly has changed during the years. i’ll illustrate my point by relating to some of the nokia phones i’ve owned.


nokia 6110: before the millennium, a good piece of mobile phone using the gsm network.

nokia 6110

could do text messages and had an alarm. it felt like quite an investment at the time, but its quality was as good as anything. it was a nokia and i took pride in nokia being a finnish company.

nokia n-gage: it’s 2003, and oh my, did nokia fuck up with this device.


aimed at the young and hip, someone at nokia should’ve been fired for thinking that being dumbo is cool.


yet the n-gage had its merits, and in 2004 i bought one. why? beacuse, like the asus eee today, it was cheap and technically advanced. if you felt too cool to bother about looking like dumbo, you got yourself an n-gage at 100euros in 2004, and you could do: web surfing, instant messaging (messenger, icq), email, calendar, ftp, listen and record radio, mp3 player with mmc card and use it as a speaker as well. for a hundred euros. in 2004! in a sense, nokia had never been better. but that’s not because they tried to, but because they fucked up, and were desperate to enter the gaming market. (where they failed, miserably. and as a sign of future decay, nokia later released the n-gageQD – priced the same, better designed, but had poor mp3 support and no radio!!)

nokia n80 internet edition: it’s late 2006 and nokia brags about it’s n-series “computers“. feeling the need to get a faster device with wlan and more pixels, i wait for the n80ie, which promises so much, more than the already existing n80, which, it turns out, has the exact same hardware as the n80ie, and can be upgraded to n80ie later. for this fact alone, i wish nokia burns in hell. not only does the availability date for the “internet edition” constantly postpone, i become hugely disappointed at nokia when the n80ie finally arrives.


the n80ie, selling for 480 euros at the time, is indeed a potent phone. yet it disappoints in so irritating ways. here goes:

  • no ftp program available, because, nokia has designed the symbian os in a way that newer versions are incompatible with older ones, so the ftp program i had on my n-gage doesn’t work anymore on the newer n80ie.
  • they disabled the ability to record fm radio. wtf nokia!? that was a huge disappointment, and to me illustrates well the point how nokia has allied not with the device owner, and instead trying to gain more control over the device in order to be able to sell “content” as well. aka as zeroes and ones.
  • sound recording is limited to 1 minute. [sarcasm]yeah, thank you nokia for being so KIND as to let me record ONE minute! it’s very good to limit the length artificially! [/sarcasm]
  • built-in memory is way too modest. since nokias web browser can’t do stripped down surfing, it frequently crashes while surfing, most often because of memory shortage. oh, and did i mention symbian os i painstakingly slow?  so good luck with restarting the application – or, more often than not, restarting the phone as well. however, it has to be noted that the opera mini delivers instead.
  • general instability. the n80ie just crashes. it just doesn’t work like it should. it’s software is poorly coded.
  • general impression of what nokia wants me to do with the phone: [sarcasm] use mms and use OUR excellent “download” service to eventually pay for software that we create. no, nokia, it’s 2007 (2006 when n80 arrived) and you still don’t get it: internet is open, the devices i OWN i want to – OWN – and i’m not a dumbass who’d want to pay money for some shitty “services”.

so in conclusion, nokia just didn’t pay attention to open source and linux but rather thought hey, sms was such a bloody good cash cow for the phone operators, let’s team up with them and make even more money!

and what can you say to that? nokia is a listed company, it tries to make money to its shareholders. yeah whatever, nokia, you still suck badly. kallasvuo suck harder. the “comes with music” that nokia is keen to promote, seems to me it is about to walk the same path as vista. the alternative? linux and the eee.


nokia n810 vs asus eee



n810 (from

  • fits in my pocket
  • enough pixels to surf, write and watch video (800×480)
  • decent price (400-something)
  • but has no phone or decent keyboard, which would enable me to write fast enough to use it as a tool to take notes
  • personal dislike: it’s a nokia.

asus eee:


  • it’s a small enough computer (book-sized, 900gram) that i actually could carry around easily.
  • runs linux/ubuntu
  • decent price (~300 euro)
  • big enough keyboard for fast typing
  • not available with scandinavian keyboard and european power adaptor yet and no bluetooth

i might get myself an eee though, should the price stay around 300e.

others have written more about both n810 and eee.