nokia n810 vs asus eee



n810 (from

  • fits in my pocket
  • enough pixels to surf, write and watch video (800×480)
  • decent price (400-something)
  • but has no phone or decent keyboard, which would enable me to write fast enough to use it as a tool to take notes
  • personal dislike: it’s a nokia.

asus eee:


  • it’s a small enough computer (book-sized, 900gram) that i actually could carry around easily.
  • runs linux/ubuntu
  • decent price (~300 euro)
  • big enough keyboard for fast typing
  • not available with scandinavian keyboard and european power adaptor yet and no bluetooth

i might get myself an eee though, should the price stay around 300e.

others have written more about both n810 and eee.

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