Asus eee 701 4G

it’s “only” a matter of time now…

until the linux-powered asus eee 701 arrives at my doorstep!

asus eee

i’m one of 16 finnish people buying it from, a german shop that claims it will receive its first shipments of the eee in december update: january 10th is the “confirmerd” date. i had been looking out for the eee for quite some time already, and when preorders were accepted in german online-shops, a guy named lauri100 at a finnish forummuropaketti” got a good deal with (since we’re 16 people ordering).

stores in finland are a bit slower, but preorders are accepted at verkkokauppa and datavirta. tietokonekauppa and multitronic had a preorder-page available, but not any longer. wonder why? in any case, it seems it will take much longer for the stores in finland to get them in stock.