why i chose the eee pc

aka “finally something i can write about the eee before actually owning it”.

aka “a distraction better than any, for keeping me from doing what i should be doing”.

in any case, here’s why i chose the asus eee pc 701 4G.

i found out about the eee in september. i had been asked by a friend how it is possible that i don’t own a laptop. so i told him i hadn’t found one small enough. then i had to start looking, and found the eee, on some site for ultramobiles i guess. not sure which.

in late november i made a blog post about it and decided to buy one. mainly because of these factors:

– small & light enough to be constantly carried around, much like i carry around books or notes.
– cheap enough, because there’s a good chance that i’ll forget my bag/eee from time to time, and that’s why the price tag is so important. loosing a 300e valued laptop is far better than a 2000e dito.
– the keyboard. i need qwerty keyboard, i need the keys, i need to be able to type fast enough if i am to use it as a notepad on meetings and lectures (which i intend to do).

of course the connectivity (wlan, ethernet, possibility of usb-bluetooth) was a prerequisite for even considering the eee. as the magnificent eee guru jkk put it when he hacked the eee to include 3g modem:

Mobility means also mobile connectivity to me.

i might just perform the same hack, although i hesitate because i’m not a fan of 3g.

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