dennis kucinich vs ron paul

this is the day i noticed – i mean, took some time and listened to what he says – dennic kucinich. he’s a democrat running for president in the united states. he reminds me of the republican candidate ron paul, who also happens to call him a good friend of mine. they’re both opposing war as an instrument of policy.

hot about paul: 37,000 people donating $4,2 million to him on the “ron paul day”, 17,000 of them being new donators.

what’s not: i just get a creepy feeling about praising the dead.

hot about kucinich: FLILF.


[wolf blitzer] congressman kucinich, i believe you’re the only person on the stage who had a chance to vote on the patriot act right after 9/11, you voted against it, right away.

[kucinich] that’s because i read it.

what’s not: he claims to have seen a UFO.

dennis kucinich vs ron paul? tough choice, but an intriguing one!

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