kitchen dork

one step forward, two backwards. at first i learn how to make a new pasta dish, then i nearly destroy myself doing the dishes.

so i do the dishes. wonder why the hell my thumb jerks while holding it under the flowing water. it hurts, so i pull my hand. the water is not THAT hot, is it? so i try again. nothing at first, then it really hurts. it reminds me of electricity. i just got to try it a third time. and i have to stop, it just hurts too much.

could it be the fridge, my not so beloved fridge who makes those annoying sounds at night, that somehow is giving me electric shocks? so i call kimmen and ask him how the kitchen is built. then i realise the cord to the pitcher is not attached to the pitcher, but hanging loose in my sink.

so i decided to take some time off the dishes, blog about it and listen to sigur ros.

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