several months later

it’s already 224 days since the incident when ABC removed its presidential poll from their website, when i guess they couldn’t believe that ron paul actually was the most popular candidate amongst their visitors. a few days ago, i read the first article in HBL where ron paul gets mentioned (other than the occasional he’s-irrelevant-comment). the article was bought, written by a swede, and the angle was how “social media” changes the election parameters in usa, just like helicopters and television once did. with helicopters the candidates could speak at several places a day. with television, appearance began to matter immensely, news travelled fast and broad, and another possibility to manipulate opinion was added, by those who were in control of television. technology changes democracy.

enter internet. i’m not giving a history lesson, i’m just saying. this time, i’m simply saying: digg. and, somewhat reluctantly, youtube. i like youtube from a pragmatic point of view, but would much prefer p2p-based solutions instead, to prevent censorship and accumulation of control.

but cut back to ron paul. i just realized that one of the reasons i resonate with him might be due to a common opinion about globalisation. more specifically, he wants to minimize the role of government and doesn’t see the need for a global government. i agree. and most of the time i don’t like my equivalent, the EU. neither do i support global order. ron paul says in an interview that some people believe in globalism, internationalism and the northern union – and concludes:

i mean i don’t even like the size of our federal government, let alone world government. i want government to be local.


another point being made was that “global warming” essentially is an effort by some to impose a global government. that’s actually a more provocative thought for me. but that would make bush and al gore brothers 🙂

i’ll think about social security and the scandinavian model (välfärdssamhället) another time. and if you’ll be watching the video clip (40+ min), you might as well start with the 2-3 last minutes where he gets to speak about whatever he wants.