nokia n810 vs asus eee



n810 (from

  • fits in my pocket
  • enough pixels to surf, write and watch video (800×480)
  • decent price (400-something)
  • but has no phone or decent keyboard, which would enable me to write fast enough to use it as a tool to take notes
  • personal dislike: it’s a nokia.

asus eee:


  • it’s a small enough computer (book-sized, 900gram) that i actually could carry around easily.
  • runs linux/ubuntu
  • decent price (~300 euro)
  • big enough keyboard for fast typing
  • not available with scandinavian keyboard and european power adaptor yet and no bluetooth

i might get myself an eee though, should the price stay around 300e.

others have written more about both n810 and eee.

mobile 2 mobile

i’d rather just sleep this day away but i’m too stingy to buy a cabin on the boat. viking line doesn’t quite make my day so i whine about it here instead, all thanks to my ngage still going strong.

now, i’ve been thinking, about a revolution that yet has to come. the horizontal sharing of information on the internet (as with p2p) could be transferred to another context, any context. like this: first,what today in most cases is just a phone with text messaging capabilities need to become capable of storing several Gb. ipods already do this, and some nokia models as well. but what they lack is a wireless connection range of about 50m and software supporting file sharing.

internet connectivity is as important. for now, gprs and wlan would suffice. maybe wlan could be the wireless technology connecting the devices both to the internet and each other. when it comes to the devices themselves, there is something that comes close, but not all the way: the umpc. the problem with umpc is that a) you can’t replace your phone with it and b) they’re too big to fit in your pocket.

basically nokia, apple/ipod and linux should make babies. nokia knows how to make phones and devices small enough, apple/ipod how to make cool devices for the USER (and not the phone operator) and linux is needed in order to put the user in CONTROL as well.

what is yet to be seen, is people sharing information anywhere, like they do on the internet already. it should be easy as lordi. then i would have something to do at the boat, because being with REAL people is outright unheard of and reading for the entrance exam
requires an attention span of more than 30 sec.