inte på tunnelbanan

hej, jag har en blog men skriver aldrig i den.

hej, jag har just spelat sähly och har ont i fotknölen

hej, jag lyssnar på adamski men har ändå noll koll

hej, jag äter smörgås och tror att jaffa grape passar ihop

hej, hjulet snurrar men hamstern är död

hej, jag heter thomas och mitt mellannamn har begått självmord

hej, då.

desperate times calls for desperate measures

so i’m officially having a blog crisis. for weeks i tried to deny it to myself; i’m just too busy, i have too many interesting things going on, no time to blog. yeah right. i have nothing going on. nothing bloggy at least.

except for one thing. and this is desperate. but, as the caption states…

there’s an elk on my wall. it’s red and about to jump through my window. and it needs a name. i think it looks like a lennart.
projected elk

some reflexions on battlestar galactica

battlestar galactica

battlestar galactica. mece kept telling me it’s the best series ever, but he couldn’t explain it in a way that would make me believe him. now i know of no better series than bsg, but i don’t know how to explain. however, there is something i do want to write about: gaius baltar and nr six. here are some thoughts.

  • baltar relates to nr six in similar ways i relate to Another (human being).
    • the fact that nr six (especially caprica six) is An Other is just too much for baltar, i think. he doesn’t know what love is, and he doesn’t know how to deal with An Other. he doesn’t know what she wants, who she really is. keeping her inside his head, having all those dialogues with her in his head – it’s just a way of trying to cope with the fact that she is An Other and that her presence is threatening. by integrating her into himself, he can maintain his omnipotent fantasies of independence. he doesn’t really need her, so to speak. but then he’s alone.
  • (at least some of) the cylons love (some of the) humans.
    • well, sharon’s “do you think i care about you anymore since they killed my baby” indicates a schizo-paranoid position where the worth of others are relative to what they can offer oneself. well, the potential for that position is something she shares with humanity. however, the position isn’t fixed. as for another cylon, caprica six, i think, she loves gaius. it’s not just manipulation in order for her to achieve her pre-programmed goals. not that i’m clear about my definition of love. i don’t know how to explain. it feels like caprica six loves gaius, and i don’t know why. i wish i could explain.

to me, these two screenshots from the last episode of season two covers some of the aspects i can’t put into words at the moment.
baltar cries

gaius baltar: alone in his office, dealing with the fact that a copy of caprica six committed suicide, leaving him all by himself.
nr6 knows very well

caprica six returning to gaius one year later, with a cylon fleet – and the people on new caprica surrender to cylon.

gaius: i’m gaius baltar. president of the colonies.

caprica six: i know who you are gaius. i know very well.